Alli Simpson Photo

Alli Simpson

Sister of Cody Simpson
Mike Shinoda Photo

Mike Shinoda

Singer/instrumentalist for Linkin Park
Martha Stewart Photo

Martha Stewart

Professional housekeeper, inside trader

Others in Acting:

John Terry Actor
Dr. Christian Shephard on Lost
Burt Young Actor
Paulie in Rocky
Jennifer Hudson Actor
Cedric Yarbrough Actor
Deputy Jones on Reno 911!
Bill Bailey Comic
Panelist, Never Mind the Buzzcocks
Bai Ling Actor
Anna and the King
Anne Parillaud Actor

Others in Music:

Yma Sumac Singer
Vocalist with a 4.5-octave range
Adam Ant Musician
Goody Two Shoes
Harry Lauder Singer
Roamin' in the Gloamin'
Brad Delp Singer
Lead singer of Boston
Lesley Gore Singer
Well-known crying advocate
Felix Mendelssohn Composer
Overture to A Midsummer Night's Dream
Ahmet Zappa Musician
Son of Frank Zappa

Others in Business:

John D. Rockefeller III Philanthropist
Lincoln Center for Performing Arts
Lonnie Ken Pilgrim Executive
Chairman of Pilgrim's Pride
Dennis Kozlowski Executive
Disgraced CEO of Tyco
Paul LeClerc Administrator
CEO of New York Public Library
Gregory J. Fleming Executive
Co-President of Merrill Lynch
Edward Stephen Harkness Philanthropist
G. Jackson Ratcliffe Executive
CEO of Hubbell Inc., 1987-2001