Bella Thorne Photo

Bella Thorne

CeCe Jones on Shake It Up!
Martina McBride Photo

Martina McBride

Country Musician
My Baby Loves Me
Ben Nelson Photo

Ben Nelson

US Senator from Nebraska

Others in Acting:

Philip Carey Actor
One Life to Live
William Schallert Actor
Martin Lane on The Patty Duke Show
Kristin Chenoweth Actor
Annabeth Schott on The West Wing
Cicciolina Pornstar
Italian pornstar elected to parliament
Nick Adams Actor
Johnny Yuma on The Rebel
Britt Ekland Actor
The Man with the Golden Gun
Richard Widmark Actor
Kiss of Death

Others in Music:

Vera Lynn Singer
We'll Meet Again
Carol Channing Singer
All-Singing All-Dancing
Gordon Lightfoot Musician
Canadian balladeer
Peter Frampton Musician
Do You Feel Like We Do
Ilhan Mimaroglu Electronic Musician
Sing Me A Song of Songmy
Steve Scales Drummer
Talking Heads percussionist
Steve Lawrence Singer
The Steve Lawrence Show

Others in Government:

Kathleen Q. Abernathy Official
FCC Commissioner, 2001-05
John Webb Judge
NC State Supreme Court Justice, 1986-98
George A. Parks Politician
Territorial Governor of Alaska, 1925-33
Ellen Huvelle Judge
US District Judge, District of Columbia
Patrick Hillery Leader
President of Ireland, 1976-90
John Percival Jones Politician
US Senator from Nevada, 1873-1903
Lincoln Davis Politician
Congressman from Tennessee, 2003-11