Larry King Photo

Larry King

Talk Show Host
Larry King Live
Swizz Beatz Photo

Swizz Beatz

Music Producer
One Man Band Man
Zach Wamp Photo

Zach Wamp

Congressman from Tennessee, 1995-2011

Others in Acting:

Estelle Getty Actor
The Golden Girls
Jerry Colonna Radio Personality
Sidekick of Bob Hope
Charles Napier Actor
Duke Phillips on The Critic
Martin Brest Film Director
Beverly Hills Cop
Roger Allam Actor
Privates on Parade
James Russo Actor
The Box
David Strickland Actor
Todd Stites on Suddenly Susan

Others in Music:

Robert B. Sherman Songwriter
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Hillel Slovak Guitarist
Guitarist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers
Debbie Gibson Singer
Arch-nemesis: Tiffany
Georg Solti Conductor
Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Ray Anthony Musician
Young Man With a Horn
Bobby Darin Singer
Mack the Knife
Bugz Rapper
Young rapper was original D12 member

Others in Government:

Joseph Ejercito Estrada Leader
Deposed president of the Philippines
Glen E. Edgerton Military
Canal Zone Governor, 1940-44
Jaynee LaVecchia Judge
Justice, New Jersey Supreme Court
Hugh Gaitskell Politician
Leader of the Labour Party, 1955-63
Glenn Steil Politician
Michigan State Senator, 1997-2002
David W. McKeague Judge
6th Circuit Court of Appeals
William T. Monroe Diplomat
US Ambassador to Bahrain, 2004-07