Bill Maher Photo

Bill Maher

Talk Show Host
Politically Incorrect
Sade Photo


Smooth Operator
Dalai Lama Photo

Dalai Lama

Religious Figure
14th incarnation of the Dalai Lama

Others in Acting:

Joe Viterelli Actor
Jelly in Analyze This
Belinda Lee Actor
Who Done It?
Zac Efron Actor
High School Musical
Patsy Kelly Actor
Freaky Friday
Joe Pasternak Film/TV Producer
Destry Rides Again
Liam Neeson Actor
Rob Roy, Gangs of New York
Maureen Flannigan Actor
Evie on Out of This World

Others in Music:

Michael Bennett Dancer
A Chorus Line
Jan Berry Musician
Jan and Dean
Lee Morgan Jazz Musician
The Sidewinder
Joss Stone Singer
Mind, Body & Soul
Ira Gershwin Songwriter
They Can't Take That Away from Me
Birgit Nilsson Singer
Swedish operatic, Wagnerian soprano
Steve Earle Singer/Songwriter
Hardcore Troubadour

Others in Religion:

Wolfgang Capito Martyr
German Protestant reformer
Thomas Becket Archbishop
Archbishop of Canterbury, 1162-70
Rick Warren Religious Figure
The Purpose-Driven Life
Sai Baba Religious Figure
Sex-crazed avatar
Pope Stephen VI Pope
Roman Catholic Pope, 896-7
Roger L. Schwietz Archbishop
Catholic Archbishop of Anchorage
Brian McLaren Clergy
Cedar Ridge Community Church