Tori Spelling Photo

Tori Spelling

Donna in Beverly Hills 90210
Kylie Minogue Photo

Kylie Minogue

Red-blooded Australian pop singer
Kay Hagan Photo

Kay Hagan

US Senator from North Carolina

Others in Acting:

Carl Switzer Actor
Alfalfa in Our Gang
Bruno Kirby Actor
When Harry Met Sally, City Slickers
Henry Czerny Actor
The Tudors
Marcel Dalio Actor
The Sun Also Rises
Toby Huss Actor
Carnivale, King of the Hill
Carol Lawrence Actor
Theater actress, ex of Robert Goulet
Mike Vitar Actor
The Sandlot

Others in Music:

Leadbelly Guitarist
Goodnight Irene
Perry Como Singer
It's Impossible
Luigi Boccherini Composer
Cello Concerto in B-flat
Franco Corelli Singer
Operatic tenor
Debbie Gibson Singer
Arch-nemesis: Tiffany
Jay-Z Rapper
Can I Get A...
Linda Ronstadt Singer
Jerry Brown's former girlfriend

Others in Government:

Brett M. Kavanaugh Judge
US Court of Appeals, DC Circuit
Homer S. Ferguson Politician
US Senator from Michigan, 1943-55
Bob Edgar Politician
President of Common Cause
Carmen M. Martinez Diplomat
US Ambassador to Zambia
Bob Franks Politician
Congressman from New Jersey, 1993-2001
Amo Houghton Politician
Congressman from New York, 1987-2005
Fidel Ramos Leader
12th President of the Philippines